High-speed Edgers can easily get out of adjustment and waste thousands of dollars of wood in a short time.  Periodic quality control statistical checking of the lumber is time consuming and inadequate for the task.  The BaxScan1000 measures each board as it exits the edger analyzing not only the width and thickness, but also the accuracy of actual optimized solution compared to theoretical and gives reports, alarms, and proposed adjustment to correct any deficiency.

Baxscan 1000 Edger Verification System Features

JoeScan scanner head located over edger outfeed belt is programmed to communicate with edger optimizer to monitor the following:

  • Final board width for single or muluoke boards and final board thickness compared to optimizer solution
  • Monitor histograms of fetcher position, board thickness, and saw sets
  • Settable parameters for recommended adjustment of fetcher position based on final board measurements compared to optimizer solution
  • Auto alarms and notification of required adjustments




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