Multi Saw Edger Features

–    Chain race for RC80-2 summit top chain extends up to saw section to be powered via 30 H.P. motor with V-belt drive with VFAC controller.

–    Splined arbor with 250 HP motor with V-belts.

–    Saw Shifter assemblies with linear positioners, proportional valves.

–    Top head module to be mounted before saws and lifted via linear positioning cylinder with proportional valve and pressure filter.

–    Eight knife head for 13” coverage, 5 each 2 5/8” Key Kinfe segments (knives, knife-holders and grinding equipment are not included).

–    150 HP motor with V-belts and sheaves to power top head.

–    One (1) pressroll assembly before top head.

–    Two (2) pressroll assemblies between top head and saws.

–    Two (2) pressroll assemblies after saws.

–    Two (2) 8″ diameter knurled and chromed feedrolls after saws to be powered via timing belt drive to head shaft.

–    Heavy duty air cylinders and valves.

–    Drive guards.

–    (3) sets of guides included.

–    Lube system by customer.

–    Guide grinder by customer.

–    All necessary field devices.


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