LogPro debarker technologies are custom engineered to geographic location and fiber supply.  We design, manufacture, and service our debarking equipment from our state of the art facilities located in Central Arkansas and Central Georgia.  Our 30 plus year experience with over 150  operational drum debarker systems  around the world makes us a industry leader in debarking drum technology.

LogPro debarker systems are optimizing woodyard operations throughout the forest products industry with XXHD design, Premium Efficiency electric drives & various lifter arrangements. This flexibility allows for debarking perfection while reducing white wood losses in an easily maintainable power system.  Mobile and Urban Drums Systems are available in (7’-11′) foot diameter sizes to any length from (10’-60’) for the appropriate sized wood, our drums meet the industries highest quality specifications, with up to 1.5 inch shell thickness; 5% – 11% bark slot area; 30,000 lb. rated axle assemblies; plus maintenance and safety features that cost extra on competitor’s drum systems. From biomass and engineered wood products to maximum volume for Pulp & Paper Service Duty, LogPro has a shell design/drum model for your needs.

Rugged LogPro Drum Debarkers are engineered and manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards in the industry. They meet the demands of heavy production schedules, year-in and year-out, with less downtime. This high-production equipment is energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and can dramatically increase throughput to the highest level in the industry. Operation costs are reduced and production rates are increased for a competitive advantage.

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Drum Debarker Features

  • Mobile Drums come standard with Modern Electric Drives – However Hydraulic Drives can still be provided upon request.
  • These drums have uses from bulk material separation to being used as XHD trommel screen applications.