LogPro’s Chip and Bark Reclaim Conveyor System utilizes proven designs that reduce plugging under the pile allowing continuous uninterrupted production.  We also design or systems with transfer redundancy allowing the customer to continue to operate if a transfer/reclaim chain breaks.  We know mills have limited time to make repairs so the ability to operate at full capacity until an outage gives our clients the competitive advantage.

LogPro’s log/chip handling technologies are custom engineered to each specific application.  We design, manufacture, and service our log handling equipment from our state of the art facilities located in Central Arkansas and Central Georgia.  Our 30 plus year experience makes us the domestic leader in log handling technology.  LogPro’s log handling systems are optimizing woodyard operations throughout the forest products industry with XXHD design, Premium Efficiency electric drives & various log/chip handling arrangements. This flexibility allows for reliable chip handling while greatly reducing downtime in an easily maintainable & safe unit.

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Reclaim Conveyor Features

All Bark Reclaim Systems are AR lined and amored for wear

ESCO Chain is Optional


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