LogPro’s Residual Conveyor Belts are the most affordable and economical method for conveying solid materials over long distances.

Unlike other fuel handling conveyors, belt conveyors are ideal for handling abrasive, irregularly shaped, heavy fuels like wood and other forms of biomass.

To supplement the LogPro Drum Debarkers, LogPro also designs and fabricates heavy-duty belt and chain conveyors. These conveyors are designed with continuous, maximum capacity use in mind.

LogPro designs and fabricates many components that supplement its main debarking line, among these are the major support systems such as the screen tower and hog tower. These structures are custom-designed to fit the customers’ specific production requirements. They are versatile to allow for high-volume screens, re-chippers, cyclones, large and small hogs, and various chute-work and conveyors needed to transport the chips and bark.

LogPro can also custom build conveyors to your specifications.  Please contact us for details.


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