Gains in Material Yield

Compact Footprint

Consistent Efficiency

Features Features:

Technology is adapted to the needs of the industry

  • Design optimized to decrease reaction time of mobile components
  • Compact footprint, 15 feet in length
  • Sawing efficiency constantly 600 feet/min
  • Quick & simple start up, calibration and maintenance
  • Manual or automated “look-up table” operation
  • Decrease possibility of breaks or jammed up wood
  • Saws cants with fork, elbow, and bulging end defaults

Technical Specs:

  • High-resolution profilometry system with sawing optimizer
  • Mechanical self-centering system for cants
  • Canter with conical head
    • Variable number of knives
    • Choice of knife type
  • Sawing equipment:
    • Up to 10 saws of 20 inches in diameter
    • Precise dosing lubrication system (water, oil, air)
    • Possibility of mobile saws
  • Sawing capacities:
    • Thickness of cants: 3 to 6 inches
    • Length of cants: 8 to 16 feet
  • Operation speed: up to 600 feet/min
  • Sawing patterns: 1 x (2 x 3) to 12 x (2 x 6)
  • Locking station for all energies:
  • Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, inertia
  • Locking bar and locking box included
Technical SpecsTechnical Specs

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