Pat Conry


Executive Team

John M. Steck


Jim Krauss

Senior Vice President

Andy Trantham

Vice President, Operations

Seth Vance

Vice President & General Manager

Renee Teel

Chief Financial Officer

Sales and Product Management Team

Bryce Servine

Vice President, Sales

Jean Bérubé

Vice President, Software

Marc Voyer

Vice President, Software Operations

John Oliver

Director, Inside Sales

Tracie Baumann

Sales Administrator

Sales Teams

US Sales
Tom Van Horn – Account Manager
Chris Taylor – Account Managers
Scott Howard – Account Managers

Sales Support
Terry Tompkins – Sales Engineer
Tim Efird – Sales Engineer

International Sales
Walter Lampp – International Sales Manager

Holtec Timber Technology | Australia & New Zealand
(Baxley & LogPro)
Office: 64-9-833-4577   Mobile: 64-27-431-5821
Peter Cooper

DIMAFORD | Chile, Bolivia & Ecuador
(Baxley & LogPro)
Office: 56-9-9444-0400  Mobile: 56-45-223-3880
Joseph Drake

Andy Anderssen Pulp and Paper | South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar & Zimbabwe
(Baxley & LogPro)
Office: 27-31-564-8792  Mobile: 27-82-339-5097
Andy Anderssen

Cirtec | Portugal
(Baxley & LogPro)
Office: 351-21-371-3150
Miguel Pestana

Management Team

Chris Tucker

Director, Production Engineering

Lamar Currington

Manager, Electrical Engineering & Controls

Steve Fletcher

Director, Software and Computer Technology

Mike Morris

Manager, Equipment Service