Two-Saw Independent Arbor Edger with Reman for Centerline Feed.

2 Saw Edger Features

–    Chain race for RC80-2 summit top chain, extends through outfeed for strip drop-out.

–    Three (3) overhead pressrolls on outfeed chain.

–    Independent arbor saw modules sliding on 3″ chromed shafts.

–    (2) 75 HP/1800 RPM motors with V-belt drive to arbor shafts.

–    2 7/16″ φ TG&P arbors with 15″ φ collars .

–    Two (2) linear positioning saw set cylinders with proportional valves.

–    Drive guards.

–    One (1) infeed pressroll inside edger frame before top head.

–    Two (2) pressrolls between top head and saws.

–    One (1) outfeed pressroll inside edger frame after saws.

–    Saws are not included.

–    Six-knife head for 12″ coverage. (Knife, knife-holders and grinding equipment are not included.)

–    200 HP motor with V-belts and sheaves to power top head.

–    Linear positioning top head set cylinder assembly with proportional valve.

–    Heavy duty air cylinders and valves.

–    Thru-feed powered by 30 H.P. VFAC drive.

2 Saw Edger Baxley


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