Edger Feed Table – Transverse Features

Heavy duty tail take-up assembly utilizing precision ways, heavy duty tapered roller bearings, improved cylinder mounting and air cushion circuit design – lightening the moving mass 40% while adding structural strength and eliminating all over hang to minimize deflection.  In addition, the pivot was rotated 180 degrees to allow better access and repositioned upward nearer level with the pan surface to reduce the angularly of the pan efficiency allowing more board clearance with less pan movement.

Steel cored high density UHMW cylinder clevis pin for strength, wear and resiliency.

Fetcher rods gun drilled for internal circulated lubrications all pre-plumbed piped and self contained.

Fetcher positioners bushed with zinc alloy and finished to a clearance of less than ½ a thousandth to minimize positioning mechanical inaccuracy for a long life, coupled with very low moving mass to allow high acceleration and velocities.

Fetcher actuation cylinders mounted with clamp block design providing ease of removable and replacement of either fetcher positioner pin assembly or fetcher rod.

Fetcher rod pivot design improved using mounted taper roller bearings to minimize slop and pre-loaded nut attachment to maximize holding power while maintaining a easy to monitor stable connection.

Close coupled remote servo valve mounting to minimize shock while maintaining response.

Individual servo valve wiring junction boxes shock mounted for ease of troubleshooting or replacement.

Air blow off on all photo eyes with protected mounting assemblies.

Integral lube reservoir mounted and pre-plumbed.

High capacity, PLC controlled low pressure chain oilers to maximize lube while minimizing over lube for housekeeping and environment concerns.

Sharp top RC80-2 chain running on replaceable hardened steel race.

Air operated pan assemblies.

(4) Overhead smooth chromed pressrolls with UHMW nose cones.

Dual stroke press roll cylinders for high speed operation plus jamb clears.

Board positioner assemblies (4) with linear positioning cylinders, proportional valves and pressure filters.  Valves remote mounted in accessible location on far side of table for simplicity of maintenance and shock protection.

Heavy duty air cylinders and valves.

Heavy duty chain tensioner with precision ways and air over hydraulic actuation.

Automatic lubrication of chain race.


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