Consistent Performance

Our system grades based on measurements. It uses one recipe to manage multiple grades.

Easy System Adjustment

We created a simple operator interface that contains only the information your operators need to make real-time decisions. We never overcomplicate your operation.

Easy Maintenance

We standardized all the components in our lug loader to keep maintenance simple.


  • Proven and standardized technology
  • Automatic and simple calibration without human intervention
  • No Mechanical stress to the boards
  • Easy system adjustment directly on the user-friendly operator interface
  • Standardized components for easy maintenance

Technical Specs

  • Boards dimensions from 2 x 3 to 2 x 6
  • Boards lengths from 7 to 12 feet and more
  • Operation speed: 200 boards/minute
  • Heavy-duty mechanical design
  • Pneumatic pressure of the system is controlled electronically
  • Software programmed on Allen Bradley PLC
  • Independent motorization of the chain conveyor and rotor
Technical SpecsTechnical Specs

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