Upstream Defect Monitoring

Our system measures width and thickness with a +/-0.005 inches accuracy.

Real-time Adjustments

Adjust immediately for drift, mismatch, bevel cuts and other primary breakdown defects.

Minimal Maintenance

Simple annual validation for calibration.


  • Upstream monitoring of the sawing process for drift, mismatch, bevel cuts and other primary breakdown defects
  • Width and thickness accuracy +/-0.005 inches
  • Continuous laser line measures quality of the fiber
  • Allows detection and trimming of pieces with soft decay
  • Angled sensors combine multiple differential measurements
  • High density readings, can be set to 1/16 “if necessary
  • Simple annual validation for calibration

Technical Specs:

  • Input Power: 90/175 VAC (47: 440 Hz)
  • Line speed: 200 + pcs/min
  • Interface to PLC: RS 232 or RS 485
  • Max # of stocks: 36
  • Max # sensors connected to one console: 3
  • Report generator for PC and Printer
  • Calibration: One easy auto calibration
Technical SpecsTechnical Specs

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